Torque Off-Road go-karts are the new, safer way to enjoy a ride on the dirt or anywhere you want. Through the years of selling go-karts and other major motorcycles brands at his business Laredo Powersports; Kenni Smartt realized that there was a lot of room for improvements on the go-kart market and that we needed a more reliable but aforable product; so he took on the challenge, and after ten years later Kenni and Paul Hammerstrom a USA talented design engineer accomplished their goal. Torque Off-Road was founded by Kenni Smartt in Laredo, Texas.

The Features That Set The TQ390 Apart

The following specifications are what makes this model versatile, durable, and safe:

Swingarm Rear Suspension

We designed our rear suspension with the engine mounted solidly to the chassis.
The geometry of the TQ390 rear suspension keeps it dynamic over bumps during acceleration
Giving it a smooth comfortable ride. This is what we call DSS! (Dynamic Suspension System).

Comet 500 Series Torque Converter

This torque converter with overdrive can handle up to 16-25 horsepower engines without sacrificing maximum speed. This allows the go-kart to handle all types of rough terrain.

Honda Gx390 Engine

This genuine Honda engine is what makes the TQ390 so powerful. Each engine comes with Honda’s 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Compact And Portable Size

The TQ390 is 50’’ wide x 84” long, meaning that it fits in the bed of most pickup trucks. You won’t need a trailer in order to transport it to your favorite trails.

Ready to Hit the Trails?

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Additional Specifications

USA Manufacturer

Trail Wolf Tires By Carlisle Tire

Easy Cockpit Access

Permitted On All ATV Trails

Seats Up To Two 250 Lb Persons

Top Speed Is ~30 MPH

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